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A Little Bit About Us

For those of us passionate about great food, great beer, and creating great memories, we think we've found the perfect combination! Miller Time Pub & Grill is a restaurant and bar that is all about the pairing of food and beer. Not sure how to pair? Our Miller Time Pub menu offers suggestions for each of our delicious items. Or ask one of our resident beer experts – they are always happy to offer recommendations.

For us, it's all about that precise moment when the perfect beer pairs with the perfect bite. The same passion that made Miller Brewing Company Milwaukee great can also be found in our restaurant – showcased on the storied walls, cooked into each succulent burger, and reinforced by the perfect brew for your meal. Think of us as your neighborhood restaurant and bar that pairs perfectly with life. Prosit!

Frederick Miller's original Plank-Road Brewery building
Where It All Started

Miller Brewing Company

Where It All Started

Frederick J. Miller was introduced to the world of breweries by his uncle. After learning everything he could, Miller was determined to open his own. He leased the royal brewery of the House of Hohenzollerns in Germany, but before he could make his mark in the beer industry, political unrest and increasing restrictions on trade in Europe led him to immigrate to the United States. 

As legend has it, Miller arrived in New York, accompanied by his wife and son, with a pocketful of brewer's yeast and $9,000 in gold. After spending a year scouting the country for cities with good access to waterways, as well as the barley and hops needed for brewing beer, he settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As he described it: "A town with a magnificent harbor like that has a great future in store."

Miller bought the abandoned Charles Best Plank Road Brewery in the Menomonee Valley and established the Frederick Miller Brewery. Always passionate about his beer, Miller proclaimed "Quality, Uncompromising and Unchanging" as his slogan. More than a beer slogan, though, it summarized his vision for the future of Miller Brewing Company.